Bradley JacksonThe acrylic paintings by artist Bradley Jackson can brighten any room. Whether it is a painting of his nostalgic reminiscence of time past, a portrait of songbirds or an idyllic day of wandering in the beauty of a nature scene, his paintings are bright and airy, filled with lush colors.

Now one of the most popular wildlife artist in the US, Brad grew up in the woods of Northern Maine on the banks of the St. John River where he developed his deep affection and love of nature and wildlife. It is this influence that continues to be evident in his paintings to this day.

Known for his realistic approach, exactness for detail and a feeling for the actual essence of life, he uses acrylic paints in a unique application to capture the very heart of nature. Using the smooth surface of an illustration board, he begins laying in his background colors with a watered down acrylic and airbrush. His backgrounds tend toward the soft focus: detailed, yet soft and shimmering. By using full strength acrylic paint he creates a sharp detailed subject. Through this technique, Brad achieves a photo-realistic portrayal. Brad explains,

“I have tried to transcend the materials used and the surface worked on to create as much depth and space relationship as possible. If it looks like a photograph, so be it. I enjoy creating an impressionistic background with a very detailed and realistic subject.”

Brad’s paintings have a loyal and growing audience because they celebrate the spirit of nature and bring back memories of bygone days. The wilderness, the wonders of nature, and wildlife hold a great fascination for him. The quality of ever-changing seasons create an unending source of inspiration that beckons his heart and hand.

His works are included in many private collections throughout the world and he has exhibited in such prestigious art shows such as: the National Wildlife Art Exhibition in Kansas City, KS; the Wildlife Festival in Tulsa, OK, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, Charleston, SC, the Michigan Wildlife Art Festival in Southfield, MI, and the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD.

His work can be purchased at Art Shows throughout the East Coast or by appointment in his studio in Weathersfield, VT.

For licensing inquiries and to use any artwork by Bradley Jackson for your product or project, please contact Ansada Licensing Group, LLC.